Layover Technical Tutorials by the App Whisperer

Whether you’re new to Layover and not sure where to get started or a seasoned blend-master, we think you’ll find inspiration in these Layover tutorials published by the App Whisperer. In the first tutorial, you’ll learn how David Hayes, Head of Technical Tutorials at the App Whisperer, blended four photographs to make this lovely image. In […]

Tutorial: Using Diptic and Layover to Create a Composite Image

The App Whisperer recently published a tutorial that shows how you can use Diptic and Layover to create an interesting composite image. The full tutorial is available here. The author, David Hayes, starts with what he describes as a “blah” image – a photograph of paintbrushes. Doesn’t get much more “blah” than paintbrushes, right? He […]

Enhance Photo Collages With Layover

Have you ever seen images like this? Looks pretty cool, right? And the best news is that it isn’t difficult to achieve! Here are six simple steps to make sweet photo collages with images that “pop out” of the frames. 1. Use a photo-collaging app like our app Diptic and import the same photo into […]

Layover 1.2: User Experience Updates

After spending the last few months reviewing customer feedback, we’re excited to bring you Layover 1.2! Our main focus for this update was improving the user experience and making it even easier to blend your photos together. Here are the key improvements: Shake to clear functionality: If you want to start completely over, give your […]

Intro to Blend Effects

Blend effect, what’s that? This blog post breaks down Layover’s 15 blend effects to help you understand what each effect does and why. First, here’s a little background information on what happens behind the scenes when you use a blend effect. Digital photos store the information about each pixel’s color as a numeric value. Blend […]

Layover & Diptic Contest

To celebrate the recent release of Layover, we are holding a Layover and Diptic contest. Layover and Diptic, while each is fantastic on its own, can be combined to create remarkable and imaginative pieces of art. To participate in the contest, submit an image(s) edited with Layover and Diptic. Post your submissions to Twitter or […]

Layover 101: Understanding the Basics

Welcome to Layover 101! This post will help you learn the basics of Layover and how to create awesome blended images. Let’s dive right in! When you first open Layover, you will see arrows with explanations pointing to the different features/buttons. You will only see this the first time you open Layover, but if you […]

Layers and Layers of Photo Blending Fun!

Peak Systems, the makers of Diptic, is excited to announce the release of its second photography app, Layover. Layover is a photo-blending app that lets you combine the images, colors and textures of up to five pictures to create artistic, unique images. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and it costs $.99 […]