Layover 1.2: User Experience Updates

After spending the last few months reviewing customer feedback, we’re excited to bring you Layover 1.2! Our main focus for this update was improving the user experience and making it even easier to blend your photos together. Here are the key improvements:

Shake to clear functionality: If you want to start completely over, give your device a quick shake. This triggers a prompt asking if you want to clear your photos and settings. Tap “OK” to enjoy a blank canvas and endless photo-blending possibilities!

Improved undo button: No longer will your hard masking work go to waste if you accidentally tap the undo button. It still clears all of your edits, but it has better manners and asks first.

Option to clear photos after exporting your image: After you’ve exported your image, you now receive a prompt asking if you want to start over or continue with the image you created.

Button to exit out of temporary zoom in mask mode: Once you no longer need to be zoomed in, tap the “x” on the top left of the screen to exit out of zoom mode.

Optimized for iPhone 5’s larger Screen and iOS 6 support: Hooray! Layover 1.2 is optimized for the larger screen and latest operating system!

Improved in-app help: We added “more” buttons, which provide more information about Layover features. To get to this feature, tap the i on the top left of the screen. Then learn away! If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, shoot us an email at, or ping us on Facebook or Twitter. We’d love to help you out!